Catch the New Wave.

Consulting and Technology for Legal and Communications.

Catch the New Wave.

Consulting and Technology for Legal and Communications.

Catch the New Wave.

Consulting and Technology for Legal and Communications.

About Us

A new wave of opportunity for corporate legal and communications.

Ondatis AG has started business based in Zürich. We offer Consulting and Technology services based on many years of experience in leading global organizations.

Our company name, Ondatis, combines ‘Onda – a wave, with ‘Datis’ – the one receiving. We’re here to bring a new wave of opportunity to those ready to embrace it.

Our Services

Legal. Communications. Consulting. Technology.


Consulting Legal

We’re convinced that every strategic or operational challenge in a law department is most successfully solved by addressing five core components: people, organization, processes, culture and technology. Our consulting approach reflects this, and we are experts at addressing each of these, individually and together.


Consulting Communications

We’re dedicated to embedding best practices in communication at every level in your organization. Our combined consulting and software offering enables you to keep your communications activities closely aligned with the strategic objectives of the business, while ensuring your day to day operations are efficient and transparent.


Technology Legal

We’re focused on bridging the gaps in the typically fragmented technology landscape of large enterprises. Whether you want to unlock the collective expertise of your organization, raise knowledge flow to higher levels, or better manage the moving parts of a complex litigation, we know how to get you there.


Technology Communications

We’re committed to making communication more effective in a complex corporate environment. Our Commsflow solution is already used by 100s of Communicators to plan and share activities in detail, store content, and measure outcomes, while keeping track of long term objectives.

Why Choose Us

We’ve lived the challenges you face.

We speak many languages but we talk yours

We’ve lived many of your challenges so we’re quick to understand your needs.

Strategy through to operations

We love developing great strategies but we see them through to implementation too.

Expertise and innovation

We’re experts in our field and push the boundaries whenever we can.

Ask the right questions

We know how to get to the core of a problem by intelligent analysis.

Local knowledge with international experience

We’re based in Zurich at the centre of Europe but our clients and reach are global.

Multi-faceted, single-minded

We combine a wide spectrum of skills, but our focus is unilaterally on the right solution for our clients.

How We Work

Our standards are ‘A’ class.


We analyse the challenge from all angles, and always consider people, organization, process, culture and technology.


When applying our solutions we draw on our deep experience to find the best approach for each case


We always listen carefully to other points of view, but can be relied on to make clear recommendations when asked


We’re always seeking to optimise and will not rest until we, as well as our customers, are happy with the outcome.

Our Management

Years of expertise.


Dr. Stefan Burla – Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Stefan is a recognised expert in improving operational efficiency and quality in Corporate Legal and Communications functions by applying technology, process and people change.

He’s addicted to reading and a passionate rock climber.


Julian Strasser – Chief Technology Officer and Partner

Julian is an expert in developing highly scalable software solutions. He has in depth knowledge of a broad range of programming languages and database back-ends.

He wrote his first program at the age of eleven and hasn’t stopped being fascinated by computers ever since.


Join our team.

Junior Frontend Developer

The successful candidate will be highly motivated, eager to learn and grow, with a hands-on approach and strong attention to detail.

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Get in touch.

Ondatis AG
Bellariastrasse 80 8038 Zürich

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